Application for Admission

We are very pleased that you wish to become a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. An application form can be downloaded here or can be requested from the office and sent out to you for completion.

For your application for Fellowship to be considered it will need to be accompanied by the names and signatures from two currently subscribing Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

We understand that you may not knowingly be acquainted with any current Fellows, in which case please discuss this with the Director. In these circumstances we are normally prepared to accept references from other persons who are in a position to know of, and appreciate, your commitment to the study and understanding of Scotland's past, provided that they tell us something about themselves and their experience.

It is for you to contact sponsors or referees and to ensure that their signatures and names are on the Application Form, or, where necessary, that their references to arrive with your application, or within one month of the date you send your application. Send the Application Form (with names and signatures or references) to the Director at the Society offices. Complete applications require to reach us by the 1st September.

Your application will be treated in confidence by the Director and our Fellowship Committee and, if accepted, offered for election, with the support of the Fellowship Committee, at the next Anniversary Meeting to be held in November. If it is not accepted you will be notified immediately.

If elected you will be notified and, on payment of fees and subscription, your Certificate of Fellowship will be forwarded to you. The entrance fee and subscription are not due until election has taken place. No money should be sent with the application form. We look forward to receiving your formal application and your two supporting signatures.


As advertised in the current March 2013 Newsletter we are asking Fellows to complete a Skills Bank, available online here.

There are several forms of Fellowship in the Society.  The main form is Ordinary Fellow, this entitles the Fellow to use FSA Scot and the other privileges of Fellowship (full voting privileges, the annual copy of the Proceedings, reduced entry to events and price of books, access to the Fellows' area of the website and copies of our Newsletter).

Where two Ordinary Fellows reside at the same location a reduced rate of subscription is available to those who waive their right to receive the Proceedings. This reduced rate is only available to Fellows who are normally resident in the same household as the first Ordinary Fellow, and both remain individual Fellows.  Such subscribers are called Family Fellows.

Those who have been Fellows for ten consecutive years and who deem themselves retired are called Retired Fellows and may pay a reduced subscription.  These Fellows maintain the same rights as an Ordinary Fellow.  Fellows must inform the Administrator of their eligibility for Retired Fellowship.

The Society Laws allow a maximum of twenty-five Honorary Fellows, who are recognised for their eminence in any branch of antiquarian study, and who are recommended by Council.  They are elected in the same manner as Ordinary Fellows but are not liable for an admission fee or annual subscription and can use the post-nominal HonFSA Scot.

Fellows resident outside Europe will be asked to send an additional amount to cover the high cost of postage. Newsletters and other communications are sent airmail; the Proceedings are sent by surface mail.

Download an
Application Form

All applications for Fellowship must be completed on the official form.  An Application Form to apply for Fellowship can be downloaded here.

Please note that the final date for all applications and their supporting signatures or references is 1st September.


Already a Fellow?

You can register on this website as a Fellow. This will allow you access to Fellows only pages and information, and allow you to pay your subscriptions online. You will also receive a Fellows discount in the online shop. To register, please click on "Register Here" under "User Login" above. Follow Option A "Fellows Registration" and fill in the details when prompted, these will equate to the information you have provided to us when becoming a Fellow or subsequent changes we have been made aware of. If you cannot register as a Fellow for any reason please follow Option B "Non-Fellows Registration" and then contact us direct and we can upgrade your registration to a full Fellow.

Once registered as a Fellow you can click on "Your Account" to access your "Order History" to view your purchase history or access any digital downloads purchased from the shop or click on "Your Subscription" to pay your subscription online.

DIRECT DEBIT FORM AVAILABLE HERE Download here - please complete and return to the office.


From 1 July 2012 there is no entry fee and the first year of subscription is:
Ordinary Fellow: £30
Family Fellow: £15
Thereafter annual subscriptions are:
Ordinary Fellow: £60
Family Fellow: £30
Retired Fellow: £45

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is now the preferred method for subscription payment for those with a UK bank account.

Download DD form as a Word document here

PDFPDF document here

Download the Direct Debit iphone App here.